Dental Implant Dentist Boston MA

Dental Implant Dentist Boston MA

Are you suffering from the challenges associated with a less-than-perfect smile? Do you want an easy, natural-looking and permanent fix? Beautifully crafted dental implants from Dr. Spitz have been making patients smile with happiness for years and they could do the same for you.

The Process

Getting dental implants generally begins with an evaluation by your dentist. The process involves a careful examination of teeth, gums and jawbone, as well as x-rays and precise measurements.
The dental implants procedure involves installing a small titanium fixture directly into the jawbone. While the pieces heal, Dr. Spitz carefully crafts the replacement tooth to perfectly match the look, shape and color of the patient’s natural teeth. A fixture and a crown are attached shortly thereafter, restoring a healthy and beautiful smile.

Finding The Right Dental Implant Specialist

The most important part of the dental implant process is ensuring that you have a qualified and experienced specialist working on your treatment.

In many cases, the actual placement of the implant involves a team approach. First a dental surgeon places the dental implant fixture into your jawbone. Then a restorative dentist places a dental crown on top of this dental implant post. Dental implants can also be used to anchor bridges, partials and dentures.

In some cases, your general dentist may complete the entire process for your dental implant care. It is extremely important to be sure that your dental implant provider has adequate experience and exceptional skills. Ask to see references and check licensing if you have doubts.

Come Take Advantage Of The Superior Skills Of Dr. Spitz

Steven D. Spitz, DMD is a Prosthodontist (a dentist recognized by the American Dental Association as a specialist in restoring and replacing teeth) and Implant Dentist.

Dr. Spitz also has the distinction of being one of just a handful of Prosthodontists in New England who use the advanced technology of the Waterlase® MD laser. This valuable tool assists in a wide range of applications from surgical placement of dental implants and biopsies, to smile contouring, full mouth reconstruction, and treatment of cavities.

Additionally, Dr. Spitz was the first dentist in United States to successfully place dental implants utilizing the Waterlase laser.

Dr. Spitz, founder of Smileboston Dental Implant Continuum, teaches specialty surgical implant placement to dentists throughout the country using the innovative (BAC system) categorizing the surgical and restorative phases of implant dentistry into basic, advanced and complex cases, with and without the use of the dental laser.

Come See Dr. Spitz For Superior Dental Implants

Regardless of your knowledge of dental implants or the current state of your smile, dental implants are a superior tooth replacement option. With a success rate of nearly 95%, dental implants could be the perfect option to restore the look, feel and function of your smile. Still have questions about the process, benefits or how to finance your dental implants? Please read through the rest of our helpful website or call one of our knowledgeable team members. Stop dreaming about a perfect smile and take the first step by calling our office for a consultation today.